2018 ECLife Community Volunteer Tax Program Registration

Welcome to ECLife Community Volunteer Tax Program. We can help you file your tax for free. We are trying our best to help Nova Scotia Newcomers.

Please confirm if you are qualify for the free tax return program here.
If you are not qualify or you are not sure, you can find other tax clinic or call us at 902-223-1220 for details.

The FREE Tax Return Program is close now. We will reopen the program March 1, 2019. We are trying to get volunteers to help more newcomers year round. If you need tax return and not in a rush, you can still fill this form and we will confirm you within a week about your appointment.

Our Office located at 5516 Spring Garden Road, Suite 309.
Door code 6567 (Open left side door then the right side door)
Office phone number 902-402-6567